Barbed Wire

Iron barbed wire is more durable and long-lasting. The barbed wires used in our company are made of stainless steel. In this way, it does not pose a risk to human health due to rust and has a long-lasting usage area. It is perhaps the most widely used among wire fence types. It can be used in all areas from roadsides to parks and gardens.

These products, which are very effective in terms of security; it deters action and prevents security breach before any action takes place. For this reason, it is widely preferred.
It has a very common usage area due to its economic accessibility and its success in terms of security.


    Wire : 1.30 mm x 1.50 mm
    Roll length : 200 m – 250 m | Distance between thorns : 7,5cm - 10 cm


    Line 1.50 mm x 1.70 mm
    Roll length : 200 m – 250 m | Distance between thorns : 7.5cm - 10 cm


    Line 2.00 mm x 2.00 mm
    Roll length : 200 m – 250 m | Distance between thorns : 7.5cm - 10 cm

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