Landscape Grass Carpet

Grass carpet is a decorative product produced artificially in various models. Grass carpet, which is produced in the range of 5-55 mm using special yarns, is used for sportive purposes as well as for decorative purposes. Grass carpets with latex base coating are very durable products..

Artificial grass carpet has been a very common product in recent years. The maintenance needs of natural grass such as watering and mowing are quite demanding. Since you need to rest from time to time, it is not possible to use natural grass continuously. In addition, artificial grass carpet is much more economical than natural grass.



Using grass carpet provides advantages in many ways. These advantages can be listed as follows:

✓ It is long-lasting: You can use the artificial grass carpet made of durable materials for an average of 10 years.
✓ It is easy to maintain: Carpet maintenance is easily carried out by brushing, sweeping and spraying water .
✓ Economical: Since synthetic grass carpet does not require irrigation, mowing and fertilization like natural grass, it is very economical in the long run.
✓ It is not affected by rain: Artificial grass carpet is not affected by rain and does not deform like natural grass.
✓ Non-flammable: Grass carpet does not burn when it comes into contact with fire. Melting occurs only in the area where the fever falls. This melting can be easily repaired.
✓ Usage areas are common: Grass carpet is widely used in football and golf fields, tennis courts, playgrounds and playgrounds, garden and roof landscaping.
✓ Improves athlete performance: Sports fields where artificial turf carpets are used positively affect the performance of athletes.
✓ Reduces the risk of injury: In sports fields with artificial turf, the risk of injury from the ground is very low.



✓ Running tracks.
✓ Parks.
✓ Playground Areas
✓ Shopping malls.
✓ Sports fields.
✓ Hotel restaurant landscapes.
✓ Terraces and balconies.
✓ Kindergarten and kindergarten landscapes.
✓ Garden landscapes.


In general, weekly and monthly maintenance is sufficient for synthetic grass carpet. For the weekly maintenance of the grass carpet, it is sufficient to irrigate by spraying with a hose and generally remove the dust. In the monthly period, you need to clean the dirt, dust and leaves accumulated on the grass carpet with the help of a broom, rake and brush. You can clean the stained areas using warm water and soap.

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