Grass Wire Fence

ÇağrıFence Grass Wire Fence Products are generally used in fields to cover walls or gardens for border security. Grass fence usage areas are quite wide. It is also frequently used in the field of decoration. It can also be used as a decorative garden fence, landscape fence or garden drilling fence. Grass fence panels;

  • * Tennis Courts,
  • * Football Fields
  • * Volleyball Fields,
  • * Gardens,
  • * The Borders of Gardens,
  • * Privacy Areas,
  • * For Decoration Purpose,
  • * Landscape,
  • * Border Security
It can be used for countless different purposes such as

. In other words, grass fence can be installed in any area you want.



ÇağrıFence Grass Fence Products are produced in our Grass Fence factory in Silivri, Istanbul. CagriFence, which is at your service with its strong stock capacity and production technology against the ever-changing costs in today's conditions, has adopted the principle of providing the best prices and advantages for you..

  • It is a modern grass fence system. You want to give a natural look to your garden, cafe, workplace, home, etc. Our recommendation is decora grass fence systems.
  • Assembly can be done in desired size and shape.
  • Decora grass fence systems that we produce as a result of our long-term R&D studies are the choice of our distinguished customers.
  • Our product, which is 100% UV protected, has the ability to withstand the sun's rays (ultraviolet rays) for 5 years.
  • The roll length of our products produced in rolls is 10m.
  • Systems can be installed at any height.
  • The decora grass system, which has a high level of density, is portable and detachable.
  • It is in natural grass color and its color does not fade.
  • Produced by applying UV protected PVC to hot-dip galvanized wires.
  • When you want a green grass look all year round and in all 4 seasons, you can use our decorative grass grass fence product indoors and outdoors.
  • Our products are non-flammable and resistant to cold.
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