Mobil Fence

Portable Mobile fences are generally used as temporary fences.
Concerts, construction sites, rallies, shows, etc. The most important feature of portable fences used in areas is that they have easy assembly and de-assembly features.
Portable fences are produced in 2 types as tube profile frame and square profile frame.


Technical information:

✓ Thanks to the materials used in its construction, it can be used more than once.
✓ Mobile fence systems are quite light. It can be easily disassembled and transported to be used elsewhere.
✓ Since mobile fences are galvanized, they are not affected by bad weather conditions, so they are resistant to rust and can be used outdoors for many years.
✓ It is very easy to assemble, it can be disassembled in a very short time as well as in a very short time.
✓ In addition, mobile fences can be mounted on the area where it is applied, upon your special request, and thus the area where the activity takes place is prevented from being seen.
✓ Mobile Fences are produced in accordance with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).
✓ It has a flat surface.
✓ It is formed as a result of joining together 4 x 5 mm thick bars and pipe poles.
✓ The material surface used is hot-dip galvanized material. ( 450-500 gr/m2 Zn )
✓ It can be produced in different colors and sizes according to customer demand.


Portable (Mobile) Fence Features

Board Height (H) 70cm-100cm-150cm – 200cm – 250cm
Board Length (L) 200cm – 250cm
Wire Thickness Ø4.00mm – Ø4.30mm – Ø4.50mm – Ø5.00mm
Eye Range 5x15cm – 5x20cm
Fence Foot Metal Foot – Concrete Foot – Rubber Foot
Connector Steel Clamp
Overlay Black raw – Galvanized – Polyester Paint Coated

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