Razor Wire

Razor wire is a part of the fence wire systems, which are generally oval in shape and added to the fence systems drawn around the area in order to ensure the security of a certain area. Its aim is to maximize security; It is to prevent jumping over the fence. The general usage areas for razor wires, which are used in many areas today, are listed below:

It is especially preferred in areas where barbed wires are insufficient and high danger areas. It does not have a razor wire cutter feature and is only attached to the person or other objects entering the forbidden zone. Where high security is required, the best and safest is razor wire.


Razor Wire Usage Areas;

Especially those who want security;
Razor wires used in residential areas such as Villas, Sites, Summer cottages are not only limited to here, but are also used in airports, ports, military institutions, industrial zones, energy production areas, places that define the borders of countries and prisons that require high protection .


Razor wires, which are prepared according to the usage area and needs, can be divided into 4 groups in general.

1-) Spiral - Helix Razor Wire
Helical razor wire, which is installed in places with a height of 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm, has 0.5 mm thin razor sheet and sharp ends. Its raw material is galvanized, 430 quality stainless and 304 quality stainless, there are 3 types of construction. The tubular shape, which is in the form of an arc and opens in and out, takes up more space and maximizes safety. It is the product with the highest availability for pipe pole fence .


2-) Planar Razor Wire
Planar razor wires are aesthetically pleasing as well as for safety. It is a type of razor wire that meets the need. with straight poles It can be applied on panel fences and wrought iron fences. can also be applied by connecting.


3-) Straight Line Razor Wire
Although straight line razor wire is flatter and more flexible compared to the appearance of the spiral razor wire, both of them perform the same operation in terms of duty. There is almost no difference between the two other than the difference in appearance. The helix is the same as razor wire.
In the straight line razor wire, the raw material is galvanized, 430 quality stainless, 304 quality stainless steel is produced in 3 classes. In the same way, it is mounted on places with a height of 45 cm, 60 cm, and 90 cm. It has 0.5 mm thin razor sheet and includes sharp ends.


4-) Razor Wire with Punt
Centered razor wires may differ from other wires in terms of structure and appearance. Centered razor wires, which have a more decorative appearance, are aesthetic. Centered razor wires, which have an intermittent structure, contain small razors at their corners to prevent problems such as climbing.

The razor wire with a punt, which has green and gray color options, is painted with oven paint. Yesil wire is painted with oven paint with a punt. The most used areas are the site, park and gardens. There are small razors in each frame. It's intimidating. It is often found mainly in places housing private property. There is almost no such possibility as breaking and bending, and it is very difficult to overcome.

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