3D Panel Fence
Panel Fence is a wire mesh system that not only serves as a boundary identifier but also ensures environmental security, adding decorative and aesthetic visual appeal to any space.
  • The height of the panel fence varies between 50 cm and 250 cm (1.64 ft – 8.20 ft.)
  • Panel Fence is manufactured from double wires.
  • Plastic clips are used for installation

The number of plastic clips used during the installation of Panel Fences is determined based on the height of the fences to be installed. For lower fences, fewer plastic clips are used, while for taller fences, a higher number of clips are utilized.

For example, for a 100 cm (3.28 ft) high Panel Fence, 2 plastic clips are used, while for Panel Fences with a height between 120 cm and 150 cm (3.93 ft – 4.92 ft), 3 clips are used. For a Panel Fence with a height of 200 cm (6.56 ft), 4 plastic clips are used.

Color options are entirely at the consumer's preference, and production can be carried out in any color.