French Plastic Hill

Providing Privacy: Used in gardens, terraces or balconies to provide protection from neighbors or passers-by.
Security: Used to prevent unauthorized entry in construction sites, private properties or industrial areas.
Wind and Dust Protection: Used to block wind and dust in windy or dusty areas.
Decorative Purposes: Provides an aesthetic appearance and makes outdoor spaces look more pleasant and organized.
Garden Arrangement: It is used to separate and organize different areas in gardens.

Areas of Use:

  • Private Properties: To provide privacy in the gardens, balconies or terraces of houses.
  • Public Spaces: In parks, playgrounds or community gardens.
  • Commercial Areas: In the outdoor spaces of restaurants, cafes or hotels.
  • Industrial Areas: To provide security around a factory or warehouse.
  • Construction Areas: To provide security and privacy by enclosing construction sites.

Concealing panels are usually made of durable materials, such as

  • PVC: Cost-effective and durable.
  • Wood: Provides a natural and aesthetic look.
  • Composite: Made from long-lasting and maintenance-free materials.
  • Metal: Used for strength and security.


  • Height: 1m03, 1m23, 1m53, 1m73, 1m93
  • Width of a kit: 2m50
  • Width of the intermediate slat: 49mm
  • Width of the end batten: 39mm
  • Thickness of a slat: 4.2mm

Material: Composite

Eye spacing: Designed for 55mm eye relief (distance between two wires 50mm)


  • 2x End slats
  • 2x Lower horizontal parts
  • 2x Upper horizontal parts
  • 5x UPKOS strips
  • 1x Connection part
  • 43x Spacer bars

Guarantee: 15 years

Product type: Concealment kit

Setup time: 30-35 minutes for each episode