Galvanized Mesh Fence

Galvanized wire mesh can be produced in line with the dimensions of the area you want to demarcate. The general wire thickness of galvanized wire mesh is between 2mm (0.078 in) and 3mm (0.118 in), with mesh openings ranging from 50x50 mm (1.96x1.96 in) to 75x75 mm (2.95x2.95 in). It is also known as diamond-mesh chain link fence. This wire mesh is quite helpful in defining boundaries. It can be applied to draw attention to and protect green areas. Some people prefer it for security reasons. Due to its ease of shaping, it is cost-effective but not highly recommended for security purposes. It is not suitable for areas requiring high-security measures.

Galvanized wire mesh, preferred for its hot-dip galvanized coating, is durable. It can take shape more easily compared to other wire meshes. In today's conditions, there is a need for simple or high-security measures. Although the wire is not inherently deterrent, it can still protect the area. It is an economical wire mesh and has a long lifespan.

It is a type of wire commonly seen in sports fields. Galvanized wire mesh is not primarily produced for security measures but for demarcating specific areas. It is suitable for all weather conditions. It is often preferred around gardens, especially for garden fences. Galvanized wire mesh can be adjusted in terms of height, length, and shortness in line with the needs of the customer. Its resistance to rusting and not melting indicates that the structure of galvanized wire remains unaffected when exposed to light or comes into contact with rain.