PVC Privacy Strip / Fence Protection Tape

*Preserves the privacy of your garden and family. Enhances security.

*PVC strip protection blocks reduce sound, dust, and wind.

*Easily applicable to curved panel fences and double fences.

*Washable, easy to clean. Can be washed with a car brush.

*No need for a professional for installation. Easy to install.

*Folded from the end poles and glued with Bally type adhesives.

*Reduces Wind, Dust, Noise. Cuts off the view of strangers

*Preserves the privacy of your garden

*Enhances security. Makes Your Garden Look Pleasing for Onlookers

*Easy to Apply

*No need for a professional

*Applied by threading wire through strip blocks.

*Folded from the end wires and glued.

Area Covered:

*100 m x 5cm: 5 m2 (328 ft x 0.16 ft: 53.81 ft²)
* 100 m x 10cm: 10 m2 (328 ft x 0.32 ft: 107.63 ft²)
* 100 m x 12.5cm: 12.5 m2 (328 ft x 0.41 ft: 134.54 ft²)
* 100 m x 14cm: 14 m2 (328 ft x 0.45 ft: 150.69 ft²)
* 100 m x 15cm: 15 m2 (328 ft x 0.49 ft: 161.45 ft²)